Friday, 29 June 2012

Spy Story : New Update

This is the second update of my 'Spy Story' game, which adds more interactivity to the main level and some improvements to the intro and auxiliary game screens.

I've designed the 'Training' level to be a sand-box-test environment, where ideas can be quickly implemented; some of which I will keep; others I will discard. 

The bulk of the code is in the form of Javascript with a few C# modules linked-in. The main engine is Unity.

I spent a lot of time recently, coding a weapon-targeting system, which uses a ray-casting process to ensure accurate aiming; whether firing from the hip, or directly through the weapon's optical-scope and I've used an 'additive-blended-shader' inside the scope, so that the player benefits from a night-vision effect in dark zones.

 A health system was added and linked to the player HUD, which responds to weapons-fire from enemy *NPCs and hazard regions.

For example, if the player enters a toxic lake, a red-out effect illustrates that the character is being harmed, whilst health points are removed from the HUD icon.

The player can also be killed by falling from a pre-determined height threshold, such as the top of a building, or a cliff.

When the player is dead, the level will automatically reset and the character will re-spawn.

 Objects can now be 'tagged', in the code, as 'Explosive', which will trigger a particle effect when they are shot by the player or an NPC. The object is then deleted from the game world. Object deletion will also occur on NPCs that have been killed.

The player can now climb any structure in the game with the addition of a climbing script that works in conjunction with invisible trigger zones.

Finally, the biggest improvement comes with the addition of Enemy AI. NPCs can now patrol an area determined by a waypoint system. Should the player enter their attack range, they will stop patrolling and move directly towards the player-character and enter an attack mode.

*NPC - Non Player Character

Here's the gameplay video:

P.S.   I've uploaded the G36C Assault Rifle. 
You can download it here: 
You are free to use it in your own creations.

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  1. Nice blog man! Game looks sweet as well, did you create all of the surroundings like the boat etc or did you take them from like free websites, just curious because it all looks really nice. Good job!