Thursday, 1 April 2010

Video: How to paint with Blender's Node Editor

Hi again,
This video tutorial demonstrates a method of painting multiple textures on to a 3D Mesh, using Blender's Node Editor. It is an advanced technique and requires some prior knowledge of Blender's User Interface.

Sorry about the length of this video. It wouldn't really work if I'd split it into smaller segments - you might miss some critical stage in the work-flow.

Don't get discouraged if it seems baffling at first. It took me a long time to figure this method out. Just play the video through a couple of times and try to follow it.

I am using the stable version of Blender 2.49.

How to paint with Blender's Node Editor from Patrick Mount on Vimeo.

Also available (with annotations) at:

You can download the finished landscape here:

System Requirements

  • Blender 2.49b
  • Python 2.6.2 or higher
  • Graphics Card support for OpenGL + GLSL Shader Model

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